Ivanhoe Grammar School currently offers scholarships and bursaries in some capacity to more than 220 students, but we'd like to do more.

Through our Scholarship program, we are able to offer, and therefore embrace, diversity within our student body, whether financial, geographic or cultural. These relationships better prepare our students with the understanding and empathy to face a real, culturally rich and diverse global environment.

'I was awarded a scholarship about 70 years ago. The excellent teaching and dedication of staff provided the opportunity for a varied education after leaving Ivanhoe which led to a rewarding and diverse career.' Hux Carver Class of 1947.

Giving to the Scholarship Program is tax deductible and makes a tremendous difference, however large or small, to many students whose families would otherwise not be able to be part of the Ivanhoe Grammar School community.

'I know my life has a firmer foundation having been the proud recipient of an F O Watts scholarship.' Callum Matheson, School Captain – The Ridgeway Campus 2012.

If you would like to donate to support existing scholarships and bursaries or fund a new scholarship, please contact the Head of Development Peter Swain on or by telephone on 03 9490 3886 to discuss how to best support students.