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Teaching Positivity From an Early Age: Why Ivanhoe Grammar School is One of the Best Primary Schools near Mernda, South Morang, Yarrambat, and Epping.

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An education is so much more than literacy and numeracy. School is a place that prepares a student for adult life, so it's vital to take a holistic and stimulating approach to learning in order to make sure that students are successful and prepared for life beyond school. At Ivanhoe Grammar School, positivity and wellbeing are incredibly important- so important, in fact, that the school has hired a Professor in Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne to assist them in their journey toward ensuring that every student is taught how to stay positive.

What is Positive Psychology and why is it Necessary for Primary Schools in South Morang and Melbourne?

The wellbeing of all students is paramount at Ivanhoe and positive education has been embraced by fostering character and achievement through a strengths based approach. Positive Psychology is a field of psychology that scientifically studies the optimal functioning of individuals, groups, and institutions. It focuses on the strengths, virtues, beneficial conditions and processes that contribute to wellbeing.

Ivanhoe implements aspects of positive education into every facet of school life across all campuses including the Plenty campus in Mernda. All staff are involved, engaging parents and students in a genuine partnership relating to the School's primary focus – the opportunity for every student to flourish.

Not only do students in the primary years get a strong foundation in numeracy and literacy they also take part in positive psychology principles in the classroom and playground, focusing on school spirit, sharing spaces, care and respect and their environment. Standing out from other schools in Mernda, South Morang, Yarrambat, and Epping, a parent can rest assured that their young children are learning more than just traditional lessons.

When a child leaves primary school and enters their middle and senior years, their positive education is enhanced by a specific wellbeing curriculum called Life Matters as well as an academic subject called Faith, Ethics and Attitudes. During this important time Ivanhoe ensures its students are kept busy and stimulated. The Life Matters program helps them stay focused and have a positive outlook toward all that is happening. As Australia and the world become more focused on mental health, Ivanhoe is committed as always to the pastoral care and wellbeing of its students.

For any parents or students curious about Positive Education, Ivanhoe Grammar School offers an informational poster on their website that goes into detail about the importance of positivity, what it means to them, and how they are implementing it in the classroom and school as a whole. If you're looking at primary schools in Yarrambat or primary schools in Epping, VIC, you should be positive that no matter where you are in Melbourne, Ivanhoe Grammar School is a great choice for your child.