Interactive Campus Maps

Ivanhoe Campus

Art Rooms


The vibrant Art rooms at Buckley House are a rich and colourful place where students’ creativity is nurtured and inspiration takes place for young budding artists.

Primary classroom


Classrooms are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of students and the Primary classrooms harness the latest in information and communications technology whilst being a supportive environment in which children can grow.


The Early Learning Centre at Buckley House is a nurturing environment for three, four and five year old children and provides a smooth and exciting transition from home to school.

Marjorie Gregory Library

The Library at Buckley House is a state-of-the-art, two storey facility with a mezzanine; it is a bright and welcoming learning environment that houses a vast collection of picture fiction, fiction and non-fiction texts which are available for student borrowing.

Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is designed to house Years 5 and 6 students in a flexible and dynamic environment that houses classrooms, a contemporary science facility and an open forum which is ideal for public speaking, IT presentations, music and drama performances.

George & Nance Pizzey Music Room

Students from ELC 4 – Year 6 regularly participate in singing, listening, movement, rhythm activities and the playing of a wide variety of percussion instruments including marimbas, xylophones and metallophones in the music room.

North Ground

This fully synthetic sporting ground is enjoyed by all Ivanhoe students, it hosts a variety of sports such as Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, Netball, and Basketball as well as boasting an eight lane 80m running track.

Middle Years Centre

Opened in 2013, the Middle Years Centre is a state-of-the art learning hub for students in Years 7 and 8 that has light filled learning spaces, carpeted meeting forums, multiple flexible spaces suitable for private study and collaborative project work, as well as information technology precincts.

Lillian Foote Library

The Lillian Foote Library is much more than just a physical space for students to find books, do research and complete homework, it is also used by students for activities such as playing chess and cards, by readers wanting a quiet place and by senior students wanting to focus on revision.

The Chapel of the Holy Trinity


The Chapel is nestled among beautiful gardens and students attend regular Chapel services where the subject of Faith, Ethics and Attitudes forms part of the core curriculum. The chapel is also a wonderful site where baptisms, weddings and funerals are conducted.

Ivanhoe Grammar School ArtsEdge at Locksley
ArtsEdge at Locksley

The Visual and Performing Arts at Ivanhoe Grammar School are flourishing with the newly refurbished ArtsEdge at Locksley. Our Arts, Drama and Music facilities are housed in this light-filled, dynamic space for the Creative Arts. It has a modern, light, studio atmosphere and provides a gallery space for the display of student work and flexible teaching spaces.

Food Technology Centre

The Food Technology Centre offers commercial grade ovens, cook tops, grills and preparation areas so students can learn a wide range of nutritional concepts and food preparation skills in a professional environment.

The Ridge Cafe

The Ridge Café is more than a standard school cafeteria boasting inside and outside seating. It offers cafe quality food with students having a daily choice of a range of healthy and freshly prepared hot and cold meals.

Ivanhoe House Reception

Dating back to 1849, the original founding house of the School is of considerable architectural and historical significance and now houses the main reception area for The Ridgeway Campus.

T R Lee Science Building

The T R Lee Science Centre was redeveloped in 2007 and includes two purpose-built Chemistry laboratories, two purpose-built Physics laboratories, five general Science laboratories and facilities for astronomy and weather studies.

Ivanhoe Grammar School Performing Arts in Buckley Hall
Buckley Hall

The Buckley Hall Performing Arts Centre is named after the School's founder and provides a venue for school drama and music performances, assemblies, school gatherings, community forums and Alumni reunions.

John Benson Physical Education Centre

The John Benson Physical Education Centre is a high use facility with Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball and Netball being played. All indoor physical education classes are also conducted in this centre.

South Ground

Sports such as cricket and football are played on this major sporting ground which boasts picturesque views to the south as well as outdoor physical education classes.

International Centre

The ELICOS Program and other international students utilise the International Centre which houses a passive recreation area, four teaching spaces and kitchen facilities for students to use during recess and lunch times.

John L Knorr Pool

The John L Knorr Swimming Pool was redeveloped in 2003 and is a hive of activity regularly hosting swimming carnivals, training sessions, swimming lessons and other aquatic activities.

Plenty Campus

Senior Classroom

Classrooms are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of students. Our senior classrooms harness the latest in information and communications technology and provide an environment where students are challenged to do their best.

Primary Adventure Playground

The Primary Adventure Playground, opened in 2013, invites creative, collaborative and imaginative play for primary children. It houses a water aqueduct, pump and spout, a bush garden, sand pit, stepping stones and row boat.

Primary Classrooms

Classrooms are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of students. Our Primary classrooms harness the latest in information and communications technology whilst being a supportive environment in which children can grow.

Founders Centre

This multi-purpose building forms part of the Primary area. It provides a dynamic space for primary events and performances as well as being a wonderful venue for parent functions.

The Health Centre

Much more than a sick bay, the Health Centre employs registered Div 1 nurses that provide primary health care for the physical, psychological and emotional health and wellbeing of each student.

Round Square Courtyard

Plenty Campus enjoys beautiful grounds and the central courtyard which features the Round Square water feature is just one of many recreation spaces where students can come together during breaks.

Music Centre

Students have classes, take lessons and rehearse in this wonderful music centre. There is a wide range of performing arts opportunities at Plenty such as participation in ensembles, concert bands, choirs and bands.

The Sinclair Trust Enterprise Centre

The Sinclaire Trust Enterprise Centre is an important space for students, not only does it house the welcoming Primary and Secondary libraries but it is also the site of the drama room. 

Plenty Gymnasium

The Plenty Gym is a high use facility with Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball and Netball being played. All indoor PE classes are also conducted in the centre.

Food Technology Centre

Our dedicated food technology centre has full cooking facilities and a dining room where students hone their cooking skills; learn subjects such as food chemistry, safe food handling practices and how to make healthy eating decisions. 

Synthetic Tennis Courts/Hockey

This synthetic flexible sporting area is enjoyed by all students and hosts a variety of sports such as netball, tennis and hockey.

Creative Arts Centre

This is an innovative and bustling creative hub, housing Art, Design and Technology, Media, and Visual Communication and Design classes as well as the Food Technology Centre. 

Soccer Pitch

The School enjoys much success in the AGSV competition having taken out the Soccer Premiership many times over the years and this popular pitch at Plenty Campus is enjoyed by all.

Plenty Campus Oval

The Plenty Campus Oval  and electronic scoreboard provides a wonderful community space for whole school activities and various House school activities. Students have the choice of playing a wide range of sports, such as soccer, hockey, netball, softball, basketball, cricket, rugby, football and tennis and soccer.

Equestrian Centre

The School enjoys a high level of success in interschool competitions and the equestrian centre at the Plenty Campus provides students with full riding facilities and horse riding.