The Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is designed to house Year 5 and 6 students in a flexible and dynamic environment. Classroom space allows for children to move from whole class to personal learning in a seamless way. The classrooms are designed especially for use with the latest technology.

It offers a contemporary science facility supported by extensive resources and its own specialist Science teacher.

It also features an open forum which is ideal for public speaking, IT presentations, and music and drama performances.

The Innovation Centre signals the beginning of the Middle Years at Ivanhoe Grammar School and the transition from primary to secondary school.

The Marjorie Gregory Library

The Library at Buckley House is a state-of-the-art, two storey facility with a mezzanine; it is a bright and welcoming learning environment. A vast collection of picture fiction, fiction and non-fiction texts are available for student borrowing, including latest releases and the classics.

The library collection is housed on the ground floor and a teaching area, video conference room and substantial storage space is upstairs, all of which link seamlessly with the Innovation Centre and the Years 5 and 6 classrooms.

Lessons include information literacy, library skills, author and genre studies. Students also enjoy daily lunchtime activities in the library.

The Buckley Hall Performing Arts Centre

The Buckley Hall Performing Arts Centre is named after the School’s founder and provides a venue for large musical performances, assemblies, school gatherings, and community forums. The stage has professional lighting and sound facilities to highlight our students’ talents. The Hall also hosts our Gallery of Achievement, which recognises the significant achievements of our Alumni.

John CG Waring Junior Oval

The John C G Waring Junior Oval and adjacent garden and playing areas form an integral part of the sport and play experience for Buckley House students.  The landscaped surrounds and amphitheatre style courtyard provide wonderful opportunities for assemblies, outdoor concerts and informal gatherings as well as a wonderful place for Buckley House students to play.


Sports Facilities


Buckley House makes full use of the North Ground at the Ivanhoe Campus. This fully synthetic ground includes a running track, soccer, hockey and softball fields as well as basketball and netball courts. Buckley House also makes full use of the 25 metre indoor fully heated swimming pool at the Ivanhoe Campus where students have swimming lessons and participate in House swimming carnivals.