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World Vision Youth Conference

4 June 2019

The 2019 World Vision Youth Conference was held on Thursday 23 May at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. A group of lucky Ivanhoe students attended this transformative conference that aims to bring young minds together to build their social awareness and learn how to put a stop to global injustice. It was an incredible experience for our students who heard from inspirational speakers and took part in workshops.

Student Reflections


Going to the World Vision Youth Conference on the 23rd of May was very inspiring. It was so interesting to hear different speakers and their opinions. Going to the conference I learned about many different viewpoints from people my own age. Different ethical opinions were a great way to consider our differences. Through the engagement with issues of global significance, I was inspired to work harder within my day to day life. The issue of climate change and refugees really inspired me to look at what I can do in my life to change.  


The World Vision conference was an incredibly rewarding and inspirational meeting. The day revolved around engaging speakers voicing their stories and backgrounds in conjunction with spreading awareness for global issues such as climate change, attitudes to refugees and the ever increasing wage gap. My favourite speaker was Khadija. She was a bright, confident presenter who really connected to the students with uplifting energy. She was a Sierra Leone refugee who found a new home in Adelaide, it was quite moving to hear her story, she faced innumerable hardships such as escaping a civil war to dealing with racism and bullying and other problems while being an immigrant in Australia. Hearing her story and her key messages for improvements to the refugee system really inspired a lot of students in the hall including myself. The conference as a whole made me realise that the future of the planet and civilisation rests in our generation's hands, we will be the people who will have to solve these problems in the future for the betterment of mankind.


The World Vision Youth Conference was a great experience where I was able to gain insight on global issues happening around the world and how a small change in my daily life can implement a greater change to the world in the long-run. This conference is a great platform where schools around Melbourne come together to build social awareness and learn about how our actions can help put a stop to global injustice. During this event, I was able to interact with other students and express my perspectives of certain global issues and ways we can prevent it. This event was a great way for me to freely express my opinion of certain topics and even work collaboratively to introduce new ideas which can help prevent these issues. The World Vision Conference is a great way to encourage students to take part in preventing global issues from happening, but to also be encouraged to make a change in justice and equality.


I found the conference amazingly eye-opening and inspiring. I learnt about several horrific facts, the fact that refugees have to go through three interviews just to be considered as refugees is outrageous and heartbreaking. To think about all the families who of which are rejected from Australia because their story isn’t ‘credible’. Khadija Gbla had a heart-warming and upsetting story. I got to make tough decisions about what I would do if I was a world leader. It was different from any conference I had been to, I definitely believe that this conference was a catalyst for young people changing clichés and having choices. There are several stereotypes set in stone about youth and I believe that we can CHANGE that! In the end, I adored the conference.


The world Vision Conference was an eye-opener for me, a step into a different world. The values that I had previously believed in, were made larger to me. I gained a stronger belief for what I had already believed in because there were other students my age passionate about the same matters. The conference didn’t seem like a conference, it felt like a discussion, a place to think, reveal my inner thoughts and be inspired. Not only by the speakers but the students. The speakers provided an insight into a world I had never viewed before. They discussed how the issues in our world were soon to impact us, our generation. By expanding on ways that we could make a difference they empowered us, and brought us one step further to making a difference. The students with posters, large opinions, and great knowledge empowered one another. I realised at that moment, that we were the ones who needed to make change. We shouldn’t give up, our heads should be held high to make a difference, in our actions, thoughts and minds.