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Piano and Soloists Competition

14 August 2019

The cross-campus Piano and Soloists Competition was a delight. Students from all campuses presented music ranging from the early Baroque through to the very contemporary in a seamless program that flowed with elegant momentum.

Dr Julie Haskell adjudicated with perception and insight; graciously acknowledging that performance is subjective when one adjudicates varying instruments and honouring each student who performed in such a diverse program as a winner. Pianists, cellists, oboists, guitarists and clarinettists made music to an enthusiastic audience of supportive parents and staff, including the Fox family, who donated the handsome Grand Piano housed in Buckley Hall. Music staff from each campus supported this event.

This competition inaugurated in 1996, originally as a piano-centric event. It broadened out to other instrumentation in 2006, and the rest is history, as they say.

Year 12 student Patrick took first-place honours in a competitive line-up for the Senior Performer category, with Year 12 student Christian second, and Year 11 student Luke in third.

Year 5 student Elizabeth took out first place in the Junior Performer category, with Year 4 student Sara in second and Year 6 student Florence in third place.

The Intermediate Performers closed the evening brilliantly. Year 8 student Angus was the winner, with Year 9 student Kate in second, and Year 8 student Yuan in third place.

Up-and-coming players had the opportunity to experience the work of their older colleagues, testing out their mettle in performance conditions. On an intimate, winters evening, music filled the cold night air and warmed many hearts and minds.