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More than Words - Plenty Campus

28 August 2019

The More Than Words concert has been the premier vocal concert for many years and a popular event with not only students but the School Community as a whole.  This year it was a campus-based concert for soloists and ensembles and the Plenty Campus concert was held in the Founders Centre on Thursday 22 August.​ 

Leading up to the concert,  the audition process went very smoothly, and students enjoyed the opportunity to attend the workshop with accompanist Geoff Urquart.  On the night, the Founders Centre was transformed into a lovely performance space, with professional sound and lighting. 

The program included items from primary and secondary students with cross-age items proving very popular. The overall standard of singing was impressive, from the youngest through to VCE students.  All students performed musically and with confidence, the Primary and Secondary Choirs were a highlight, and the emotional performance from the 2019 band was particularly poignant.  

The evening ran very smoothly, and parents and guests provided an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.  A big thank you to everyone who was involved and who helped to make the night such a success.