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More Than Words - Ivanhoe Campus

7 August 2019

More than Words was a joyous celebration of vocal music-making presented in Buckley Hall on Wednesday 31 July. Students from Buckley House rubbed shoulders with their older colleagues from The Ridgeway Campus in musical offerings from the canon of Musical, Pop, Cultural and Film repertoire.

Voice was front and centre, in a seamless program of solo singing, small ensembles and larger choral forces, sometimes accompanied by dedicated staff, and at other times accompanied by excellent student players. It was a delight!

This year we had the input and talents of two workshop leaders who were both outstanding. Following the audition process, Jazz Singer Emma Gilmarten shortlisted a group of singers, and lead them through a workshop to prepare for their performance with detailed feedback on where they might improve. A week later, it was time for our choral forces to be put under the spotlight by Naomi Heyden. The feedback has been unanimously positive: more singing please! We are very happy to comply.

On top of More than Words, auditions commenced for the 2020 school musical; The Pirates of Penzance. There has been huge interest from our student body. Prospective cast members have been required to sing and dance in a rigorous process that all have enjoyed. The audition panel has been delighted at the new blood entering the ranks for the musical, as well as the level of talent amongst our student body. this space! The cast will be announced on Friday 9 August and rehearsals commence Saturday 10 August. For those interested in supporting this work – and we would love to have you with us - performances will be held Wednesday 4 March to Saturday 7 March 2020. Something to add into your busy diaries.