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Model United Nations Conference

29 July 2019

On Friday 26 July a cross-campus group of ten Senior Years students attended a Model United Nations conference at Methodist Ladies College. 

This was the inaugural event in the School’s new Model United Nations Program. Our students represented country teams from Portugal, Indonesia, and El Salvador, and worked for the past several weeks on researching these countries and their stances on the conference topic - Pathways to Peace: Addressing War, Conflict, and International Security.

The conference was a great opportunity for our students to deepen their understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well further develop their skills of collaboration and negotiation, especially as it pertains to pressing global issues. Overall we had a great day debating and offering solutions to intersecting global issues of peace, refugees, climate change, gender equality, and conflict, and our students are already excited to start preparing for our next conference in October.

Student Reflections

“I was initially intimidated by all the technicalities of MUN, however, I can say now that the formal demeanours do not take the fun away from the entire experience. After the session, I have learnt so much about global issues and international relations. This conference even allowed me to consider a potential career in international relations, something I had not really considered before!” – Sammi

“The MUN meeting is inspiring as draws us closer to the current global issue of inequality and conflict. By communicating with students from other schools, I really see it as an opportunity to improve my public speaking ability.” – Frank 

“I was part of the delegates representing Indonesia at the MUN conference. We expressed the country’s views and values in relation to a draft resolution on pathways to peace. Throughout the day we debated, negotiated and discussed various global issues and how our countries approached them with delegates from other schools. The conference was an enriching and engaging experience which broadened my understanding of various global problems as well as the structure and procedures of the UN general assembly.” – Pranav 

“The Model United Nations program was a great way for me to gain insight and inspiration on how our community can come together and create a safer, fairer and sustainable world. Many schools around Melbourne gathered together and looked at the topic Pathways to Peace, and how different nations across the world address war, conflict and international security. Throughout the conference, we were able to discuss prevalent issues that occur to this day and how we can collectively act on these issues in a fair yet rational manner. By placing close attention on a draft resolution document, we were all able to collaboratively work together as nations, and add changes to some of the clauses in order to make a more ethical, fair and peace-associated final resolution. This conference has effectively developed my understanding of global issues and how different nations around the world share different perspectives in terms of promoting a pathway to peace. It has made me more aware of the significant change has when promoting ethical considerations towards prevalent issues as these changes will play an important factor in shaping our future.” – Rohan