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Melbourne University Regiment Parade

9 October 2019

On Sunday, 6 October, following a long day of rehearsals, 85 members of the Ivanhoe Grammar School Cadet Unit paraded with soldiers of the Melbourne University Regiment at the Shrine of Remembrance, to commemorate past sacrifices, and to acknowledge newly graduated Officers.

Of the four divisions on parade, the largest two consisted of Ivanhoe Cadets, commanded by CUO Isabella and CUO Ethan. The standard of dress, bearing and drill prompted many serving military members to comment upon the outstanding dress, bearing, drill and discipline displayed by our cadets.

Yet again, the Cadet Unit reflected its ethos of service to the school and the community and proudly reflected the Ivanhoe Learner attributes for all present to see.  It was an exceptional day for all and an extraordinary performance by all involved.

Ivanhoe Grammar School has a proud tradition of service with the Australian Army Cadet Corps and after more than half a century of distinguished operation, the school has the largest Cadet Unit in Victoria. 

The Cadet Unit provides opportunities for our students to undertake leadership skills training which complements their academic progress as they develop through the school and into further studies or employment.