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A Golden Moment

29 August 2019

On Monday 19 August at the Victorian Schools Music Festival, The Ridgeway Wind Symphony’s Year 9- 12 Senior Concert Band produced a gold-winning performance and was awarded a Gold shield, our highest place ever at the Victorian Schools Music Festival. 

The beautiful, historic setting of the Hawthorn Arts Centre gave a wonderful backdrop for the hundreds of school bands from across Victoria that took part in the festival. Wendy Campbell conducted a highly charged performance with great variety in textures and moods of Fivefold by Michael Oare. Matthew Savage then led the band as they performed the beautiful Hymnsong by Philip Bliss based on the poetry of Spafford that deals with the bereavement of a couple who lost their four daughters at sea focusing on courage, inner strength, hope and redemption in these moments of personal tragedy and sorrow.

For their final number, students were taken back to the height of the Jazz Age, where each of the major swing bands had its own signature sound. Special mention was given to Clancy Mc Clune from UC for his fantastic trumpet solo.  The vibrant rhythms and swing style in their performance of Jitterbug, paying tribute to the late great Dal Richards, Canada’s King of Swing.

Concerts like this bring audiences and musicians together as “one community” in an act of human experience and communication emphasizing “the possibilities and opportunity to make our world great!”