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Baseball Success

18 July 2019

For Year 6 student Will, baseball is in his genes with not only his uncle playing in the major leagues but his father playing and coaching him as well. He was destined to play this popular American sport, getting his first taste of baseball through watching his uncle play in the major leagues in Kansas City. “They had a batting cage so I tried it out and I liked it a lot so I started playing for Melbourne Baseball Club and Montmorency Baseball Club. All of my uncles have played baseball at a pretty high standard as well. My dad also plays and I always watched him,” he said.

With the sport growing in popularity in Australia, Will has had plenty of opportunities to get involved and was hooked from the very start, relishing all aspects of the game, “I love pretty much everything about the game but mostly how you can get a lot of chances and how it is a team sport and there is a lot of people around me to help me with my baseball. I also love just being in the field training or playing,” Will said.

It’s been a big year for Will, participating in the Charter Player Development Program, playing in the Charter State Championships, competing at the 2019 Australian little League Championships and on the back of a very impressive performance at the Nationals then earning a spot on Australia’s World Cup Team.

This is a remarkable achievement but one he takes in his stride. Will is totally dedicated to his demanding training schedule but also manages to balance his school commitments as well.  He credits his dad Andrew, for helping him get to where he is today, “my dad is my hero,” Will said.

The World Baseball Softball Confederation’s U12 Baseball World Cup will be held from Friday 26 July to the Sunday 4 August in Tainan, Taiwan. It’s wonderful to witness Will chasing his baseball dreams and we wish Will all the best for the U12 Baseball World Cup and beyond.