Ivanhoe International

Ivanhoe International is a Division of Ivanhoe Grammar School, established for the purposes of researching individual international education projects to support the broad objectives of the School as outlined in the School’s Strategic Plan and embodied within its Mission and Vision.

The objectives of Ivanhoe International are to :

  • Enhance the reputation of the School internationally
  • Provide increased opportunities for Students internationally
  • Provide increased opportunities for Staff internationally
  • Initiate projects which provide support for School-based activities.

Ivanhoe International’s area of involvement extends across a broad range of educational endeavour including curriculum, professional development, teaching methodology, experiential and service learning, personal development, holistic education and management.

Ivanhoe Grammar School, through its Membership of Round Square, its international certification through the Council of International Schools (CIS) and its international curriculum delivery (both in the Middle Years and the Senior Years through the International Baccalaureate Diploma) and the development of the School’s Global Leadership Centre supporting the Ivanhoe Diploma and Middle Years International Certificate, already enjoys an enviable reputation, both nationally and internationally. Ivanhoe International will continue to build on this with carefully chosen projects that provide increased international exposure for Staff, continues to develop within Students the key 21st-century competency of international-mindedness and cultural awareness as well as involvement in international service opportunities.

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