VCE in China

VCE in China Ivanhoe Grammar School

Ivanhoe Grammar School is a truly International School and part of this international focus has been the School's participation in the VCE Offshore Program. Ivanhoe Grammar School has been delivering the VCE in China for a number of years and has achieved some great results. 

This initiative is an exciting and innovative offering for senior students wishing to complete tertiary studies overseas but aiming to remain in their host country for the duration of their secondary education.

The VCE program offshore offers a range of benefits:  

  • Students are able to study the VCE and experience a western style of education without leaving their home country
  • Students have the opportunity to be exposed to Victorian teaching and assessment practice
  • The VCE program has several layers of quality assurance to ensure the integrity of the qualification for all students who study for the certificate
  • Students gain an internationally recognised senior secondary qualification

The VCE Offshore Program is currently in schools throughout the world including China, Vanuatu, East Timor and The United Arab Emirates and is likely to expand to numerous countries in the near future.

The program involves Ivanhoe teachers in the area of EAL, Chinese, Chemistry, Physics and Maths Methods. During the year, Ivanhoe teachers spend a month conducting intensive training at The Ridgeway Campus for the teachers from its partner schools to deliver the VCE in China. Once the teachers return to their home country, the mentoring role continues via electronic means throughout the academic year.

In December, Ivanhoe teachers in conjunction with Haileybury, travel to China to facilitate a conference with over 100 delegates in order to provide further professional development opportunities for the Chinese teachers. In the days following, Ivanhoe teachers then travel to the partner schools to conduct professional development including observing lessons, conducting demonstrations lessons, reviewing resources and assessing student performance.

Ivanhoe teachers involved in the program have expressed how it has allowed them to critically reflect on the way in which they teach in Australia and in particular, the practices which can further support the international students in their class. Incidentally, teachers gain a world perspective of instruction, and have embraced the similarities and differences in culture to improve their own teaching. 

Graduates of Ivanhoe's VCE in China programs have enjoyed excellent success, with all students who have applied being offered tertiary pathways in Victoria and around the world.

New partnership with Shanghai I&C Foreign Languages School 

In 2015 Ivanhoe Grammar School commenced a partnership with Shanghai I&C Foreign Languages School to offer a split high school program. Students can enjoy the best of Chinese and Australian education by completing preparatory studies and Units 1 & 2 of their VCE in China, before coming to Melbourne to complete their studies and completed their VCE Units. 


Ivanhoe Grammar School looks forward to commencing the program from September 2015 and welcoming our first cohort from Shanghai to Ivanhoe in 2017.​

For further information about the VCE in China program please contact Evan Pearson at