Innovative Learning at Ivanhoe Grammar

Ivanhoe Grammar School Innovative learning

There is nothing ordinary about an Ivanhoe Grammar School education. Ivanhoe distinguishes itself by continuing to innovate and stay at the forefront of educational advancements.

Ivanhoe students have something that many others don’t when it comes to their education: choice. The school offers both the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) to senior students. 

Students who elect the VCE option complete their certificate over three years and programs are designed to meet individual student needs and interests. There are an extensive range of courses on offer, from languages to creative arts and sciences, and exceptional Year 12 VCE students may also choose to study a university extension subject.

IBDP candidates receive a holistic education encompassing each of the six subject groups: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics and The Arts. Students are also prepared effectively to be critical thinkers, successful tertiary students and engaged citizens through the program’s Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) requirements.

A program unique to the school is the Ivanhoe Diploma. The Diploma is voluntary for students in Years 10 to 12 and offers a range of learning and leadership opportunities both in and out of the classroom. The core facets include creative thinking, physical activity, civic engagement, intercultural understanding, and leadership and responsibility. These combine to provide a comprehensive educational, personal, and social experience for students and make Ivanhoe students an appealing option for tertiary education providers and employers alike.

Year 9 students are challenged by the World of Experiences Program which offers experiential learning and the chance to be immersed in a different culture in countries such as China, India, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. Within the program, La Trobe University exposes students to big ideas and current research in the sciences, Urban History involves local exploration and conducting interviews to gain an understanding of the suburb of Richmond in the past, and After9 teaches students about fundamental aspects of work, wages and financial literacy.

Ivanhoe recognises that the innovative use of technology facilitates learning and is key to long-term student success. As such, the school operates a 1:1 device program with iPads in Years 5 and 6 and Notebooks in Years 7 to 12. E-learning is integrated into all subject areas and units of work to foster creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. Ivanhoe students are equipped with the necessary skills for work and study in the 21st century.

Co-curricular educational opportunities beyond the classroom encompass creative and performing arts, sports, cadets, leadership and service and build on skills learnt in the academic program. These activities foster teamwork and confidence in students and help students to build friendships and develop resilience.

The breadth and depth of learning opportunities offered to Ivanhoe students makes it a leader in creative, experiential and academic education. The diverse range of programs helps to develop the whole student and prepare them for lifelong learning, as well as assisting them in becoming engaged and empathetic citizens. 

If there is an innovation in education, you can be sure to find it at Ivanhoe Grammar.