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The Difference between Ivanhoe Grammar School and Other Grammar Schools in Mernda, Doreen, South Morang, and Yarrambat

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As a parent, one of the most important decisions that you make is how to educate your children. There are public and independent schools, boarding and day schools and home schooling options. One of the most important things is to ensure your children have a quality education, so how do you find the best option to suit your needs?

An Introduction to Ivanhoe Grammar School

Ivanhoe Grammar School has been educating children in Melbourne since 1915. It began as a small Parish Hall with fourteenstudents, led by The Reverend Sydney Buckley, and the belief that every child can succeed, no matter what. A hundred years later, the student population has grown the facilities have expanded, and there have been just four Principals, but that belief remains at the core of what Ivanhoe is about.

No matter where you live in Melbourne, whether you've been researching grammar schools in Doreen or any other part of the area, you have probably heard the name Ivanhoe . That's because the school provides some of the best educational opportunities to students in the northern suburbs of Melbourne such as Doreen, South Morang, Mernda and Yarrambat. Ivanhoe delivers a quality education while maintaining fantastic relationships with both students and their parents.

What Makes Ivanhoe an outstanding Grammar School in Yarrambat and Melbourne?

The School offers a challenging and rigorous curriculum with students consistently performing above the state average in the VCE. The curriculum is broad and aims to engage students at each level of their development. Providing learning opportunities from Prep to year 12, Ivanhoe also focuses on preparing students for life after school, whether they'll be living in Mernda or travelling the world. Ivanhoe believes that every child has the ability to succeed, and it's the school's mission to be a community of learning that develops in students the skills and attitudes to prepare them for the challenges and responsibilities of adult global citizenship. Diversity is very important to Ivanhoe, and their co-curricular programs help students contribute to service projects, performing arts, sport and much more.

Ivanhoe believes in a number of core values- open-mindedness, responsibility, caring, discipline, honesty, safety, balance, and engagement. While other grammar schools in South Morang and the wider Melbourne area may have core values, Ivanhoe has spent a hundred years determining what is most important to students and their families. They ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience a quality education, a sense of preparedness, and pride in themselves.

The school has hired Professor Lea Waters to help them implement positive psychology into every aspect of the school. The practice of positive education is in place to ensure that every student learns both the skills of wellbeing and achievement without compromising the other. Focusing on positivity also helps students feel better about themselves and their lives every day. It is programs such as these that again prove that Ivanhoe Grammar School is a School of choice that not only cares for students but provides them with the opportunity to prosper and flourish.