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For a hundred years, Ivanhoe Grammar School has been providing students in Melbourne with a quality education. Founded in 1915 in a small parish hall, the school was known as St James Church of England Grammar School for Boys. It wasn't until the school expanded and moved to Ivanhoe House on the Ridgeway that it became known as Ivanhoe Grammar School.

Ivanhoe continued to grow, expanding its facilities as students from all over Victoria came to learn. During World War II,many Ivanhoe alumni and staff, served their country. In 1955, the Memorial Junior School was opened for primary students in honour of the Ivanhoe family members that lost their lives in the war. After being rebuilt and renamed Buckley House, the primary school still stands on the site where it was built sixty years ago.

In 1990, to deal with even more demand, the school expanded by building a new campus at Mernda. Two years later, Plenty Campus became co-educational, and today the School is proudly co-educational across all campuses

Ivanhoe Grammar School in the Modern World

A truly 21st century school, Ivanhoe proudly operates three campuses across two locations and serves as one of the leading grammar schools in Melbourne for boys and girls of all ages. Starting with fourteen students in that humble parish hall, it has now become a symbol of Australia's perseverance, patriotism and innovation. Over the past century, the school has been home to only four principals. In the school's first century each and every leader made substantial contributions to the development and success of Ivanhoe. The lengthy tenure of all four Principals to date is testament to the strength, quality and value of the Ivanhoe educational experience.

Why Ivanhoe is one of the Best Melbourne Grammar Schools

An Ivanhoe education provides excellence in educational outcomes for both boys and girls. The Plenty Campus opened enrolments to girls in 1992, with Buckley House and The Ridgeway Campus soon following. Since then the School has been proudly co-educational, creating environments that very much mirror life beyond school. Students enjoy all of the benefits that a co-educational learning brings, including acceptance of diversity, strong academic outcomes and collaboration between all students.

The transition to co-education has seen many changes to the School's programs and practices. This is reflected in the teaching methodology, sporting and co-curricular programs, facilities and physical resources, ensuring that the diverse range of experiences and opportunities that are inherent in an Ivanhoe Grammar School education are equally engaging, fulfilling and positive for boys and girls.

A Leading Grammar School in Melbourne, Victoria,

Ivanhoe is committed to providing excellent educational outcomes.From humble beginnings the School has developed into a vibrant, diverse and innovative environment with an international focus, providing students with excellent educational outcomes. It's clear that no matter what the future holds, for Melbourne grammar schools - Ivanhoe Grammar School is here to stay.