Year 9 Program

Ivanhoe Grammar School Year 9 Program

Year 9 students like to be challenged by their learning environment and are inspired by the world around them. At Ivanhoe Grammar School, we understand how important this is to students at this stage of their life, so they are kept busy and stimulated throughout the year by various co-curricular activities and opportunities for independent learning. For the past 10 years, this has included our La Trobe University program which sees students spend two weeks in a university environment. Due to the success of the program, it has evolved to become a campus in its own right and from the 2019 academic year, all Year 9 students will be located at our new University Campus full-time. At this campus, students will be taught core subjects based on the Australian Curriculum but they will also participate in additional out-of-classroom and international experiences while being exposed to big ideas in a university environment.

The Year 9 program encourages students to learn by experience, become independent learners, interact with adults other than teachers, increase their cultural understanding and become contributing global citizens. They enjoy being treated as young adults and to make independent choices in preparation for adulthood. Some of the programs relate back to the curriculum of their formal classes but others encourage and allow students to develop skills in time management, decision-making and a wide variety of other areas. Skills they will carry with them into the Senior Years and beyond.

Beyond the classroom

La Trobe University program and new University Campus

Currently, this is a two-week intensive program where students are exposed to big ideas in a university environment. Designed to inspire them in the field of science, the students attend lectures from five different university academics around groundbreaking research and subjects. To exercise their independent learning skills, the Year 9 students explore a topic of their choosing in small groups using a variety of research techniques which best suit their needs. They interview academics (who specialise in the relevant field) for their opinions and then the students share their findings in lecture-style presentations. This unique program gives students a taste of learning at university, an understanding of current research practices and how to apply their learning to real-life situations. From the 2019 academic year, this program will be extended to a year-long university experience at our dedicated University Campus, including out-of-classroom activities from the current Year 9 program.

Read more about the launch of our new University Campus.

See this exciting program in action.


Urban History program

Through the Urban History program, students learn to navigate their way around the city independently and undertake activities to explore the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the city of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. Included in this program is a 11km bike ride to South Melbourne and kayaking 9kms from Richmond to Docklands observing changes that have taken place along the river over the last 100 years. The program also includes a history research project with visits to Old Melbourne Gaol, the Immigration Museum, Melbourne Museum and Richmond Historical Society.

After9 Program

In this program, students learn about the adult world of work. They develop an understanding about earning a wage and other aspects of financial literacy, career education, and enterprise. Additionally, they are given the opportunity to exercise their entrepreneurial skills through designing and promoting their own product, and pitching to a panel of judges in our very own version of 'Shark Tank'. The After9 program gives students an understanding of what it is like to attend a TAFE course, as they complete a module from either a Barista or Food Hygiene course. On completion of the program, students have a cover letter and resume they can use immediately for job applications, and a Barista or Food Hygiene certificate.

International Journeys

During the year our students participate in experiential learning outside the classroom by being immersed in different cultures as they travel in small groups with teachers to either China, India, Thailand, Bali or Central Australia. On these trips, students often spend time in a local school or village to gain an understanding of everyday life and to establish a connection with the community they are visiting. They also visit significant landmarks and destinations to gain an understanding of the history and culture, and what has shaped the place to be what it is today. Additionally, students are involved in a Community Service project, contributing to the community they are visiting in a positive way.

Other opportunities

Throughout the year there are other initiatives which are also available to students as part of the Year 9 program.

Cafe Culture - where students learn the skills of running a small cafe business.

Drama School - engaging students in the experience of all aspects of arranging a performance from the beginning to end.

Artist in Residence - giving students an understanding of the importance of public art in society and an opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials, techniques and art forms.