The Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts at Ivanhoe Grammar School are flourishing with the newly refurbished ArtsEdge at Locksley. This is a hub for projects that integrate the arts and fuel the cultivation of human creativity and  artistic skills across The Ridgeway Campus.

The combination of a lively exhibition program, experimental theatre projects and diverse musical repertoire, creates a collaborative arts liaison with an international focus which gives opportunities to our students that are stimulating, engaging and contemporary. Working in studio contexts, the Arts Faculty is committed to maximising opportunities for students in broadening their arts experience with industry links echoing career pathways, as well as life-long learning to promote a love of the arts.


Famed Director Alfred Hitchcock said, 'What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out'? The flourishing Theatre Department is geared toward performance and discovery at every stage of learning. Dance has been incorporated into the curriculum in 2014. At a curricula level and a co-curricular face, students can be involved as performers or as technical crews in the staging of plays, musicals, monologues and scene studies as well as experimental works. 


 “Most heavenly music! 
It nips me unto listening”  (from ‘Pericles’ by Shakespeare)

On any given day ArtsEdge at Locksley pulses with Performance Ensembles, Orchestra, String Orchestra, Wind Band, Choir, Jazz & Chamber Ensembles, Quartets and Quintets, all core to the mix on offer through this dynamic department. The Locksley Arts Centre rehearsal room will provide an outstanding facility for the rehearsal of all School Ensembles.  As enhancement for curriculum offerings, our unique Year 9 course in Sound Engineering develops student skills in the recording and mastering of music performances. With a purpose designed Recording Studio and Audio Mastering Room that boasts state-of-the-art digital recording facilities, this is a cutting-edge music department that looks to the future.  

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Faculty, situated on the top floor of the new ArtsEdge at Locksley is panoramic in both its vista, with seven upper level studios, and in the diversity of studio practices experienced in the curriculum offerings. With a knowledge base embedded in the theory and practice in the visual arts, subject offerings include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, visual communication and design, digital media and art appreciation. The learning focus is designed to encourage divergent thinking, risk taking and creative problem solving leading to developing and defining a personal style.